The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based systems to support teaching or learning has been developing for more than 4 decades, but its rise has increased markedly in recent years, due to the increase in the use of e-learning tools during the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent explosion of generative AI. We are at a key moment of development in this field, where AI experts and education experts must join forces to achieve an optimal use of this technology in teaching and learning processes. This workshop aims to create a space for the presentation of new proposals and reflection on the state of the art in this field of such social relevance. The aim is to provide a rigorous and solid vision of the real impact of AI in education at the present time, and what are the steps to follow in the future.



The workshop will address the following topics:

  • Generative AI in educational environments.
  • Multimodal learning analytics.
  • Ethical issues in education with AI.
  • AI techniques and models in educational data analysis.
  • Intelligent tutoring systems.
  • Intelligent learning/e-learning systems.
  • Student profiling for personalised learning.
  • AI-based applications and simulations.
  • AI to support students with disabilities.
  • Dialogue-based tutoring systems.
  • Exploratory learning environments.
  • Classroom monitoring tools.
  • Teacher-centred applications.
  • Automatic evaluation systems.
Other topics could be considered.

Program Commitee

  • Daniel González Peña (Universidad de Vigo)
  • Miguel Reboiro Jato (Universidad de Vigo)
  • Félix de La Paz (UNED)
  • Francisco J. Rodríguez Lera (Universidad de León)
  • Alejandro Paz López (Universidad de A Coruña)
  • Alma Mallo Castelo (Universidad de A Coruña)
  • Beatriz Pérez Sánchez (Universidad de A Coruña)
  • Laura Morán Fernández (Universidad de A Coruña)

Submission & formatting

The instructions for the preparation of the works and the conditions of the different types of contributions are the same as those of the CAEPIA conference, and are available at

Submission of papers for the workshop must be done through the CAEPIA EasyChair, available at Easychair , using this workshop track.

Waiting for your contributions!

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